TAO Finance


TAO Finance is a decentralized financial system on the Ethereum, Avalanche AND BSC Networks. It consists of an algorithmic stable currency TAO$ pegged to DAI for deposits, liquidity pools and loans. The liquidity pool AVAX/TAO$ is on the Avalanche Network. We are currently growing this pool and will stabilize it at 1 TAO$ = 1 USD using a ReserveMonetaryPolicy contract. The TAOX governance token will be distributed to liquidity providers and TAO$ Holders when the pool is stabilized and pegged. The TAOX token value is market driven. The TAOFINANCE App is being developed for browser access to IPFS.

The supply of TAO$ increases with its market growth to maintain its peg to DAI. In the development stages TAO$ will be available in liquidity pools on Ethereum-Balancer USDT/TAO$, the Avalanche-Pangolin AVAX/TAO$ pool, and BSC-PancakeSwap and direct purchase.

Funds in the deposit vault receive interest and may be used as collateral for loans.

A TAO Finance key differentiator is the Oracle driven TAOMARKET contract which receives buy and sell signals for the investment vault. ERC20 coins and tokens are purchased and sold based on their market performance. The hold time of an asset is market and algorithm determined. Depositors in the investment vault receive profit sharing dividends.

The long term development plan includes a TAO Marketplace using IPFS where digital goods and services can be exchanged using TAO tokens.

In summary, the TAO$ features democratic governance, a stable monetary model, an investment strategy, redeemability, and the immutability and pseudo anonymity of blockchain storage.